Due to the covid-19 impacting the world are experiencing some issues with supply of certain brands. Also we have started having some problems with the internet so response times might be a bit slower. We are going to continue to operate as best as we can but with a full shutdown looming who knows how long that will be for.  

All coaching is cancelled until it is safe again

Repairs are booking only as always! 

If you feel unwell or have been in contact with some with covid-19 please arrange another time.

Please wash your hands before you drop your repair off.

We are social distancing so that means 1.5 at least between people. We have also changed payment of repairs to a online invoice. 

When you drop off you bike you will be asked to leave it outside. It then will be disinfected and worked on. When the repair is completed it will be placed for you outside and contact points disinfected again.

In the event of a full shutdown you will need to come collect your bike before it comes into affect fixed or not! Anytime after this we will not allow collection until things open up again.

If your repair is not urgent I urge you to leave it to a later date. Just because you are working from home doesn't  mean it's time to go and catch up on errands. It's up to all of us to help stop the spread. 

Thanks so much for your patience and stay safe

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